Toronto Cello School
Toronto Cello School - Oleg Volkov Toronto Cello School was founded by well-known Russian cellist Oleg Volkov to provide the highest standards of string instruments playing for students of all ages.

In Toronto Cello School you can learn to play cello at the highest level. We also teach violin and viola; give piano lessons for beginners and music theory lessons and provide our students with excellent performance opportunities.

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Piano Lessons For Beginners

It is common knowledge that all string musicians are also piano performers. Some of them are really and truly exceptional. There is a purpose for everything. Many Musicians believe that piano study and training are visibly contributed to any type of string performance.

Piano Lessons in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill

We give you our “piano for beginners” lessons, which flow usually in two different directions, such as a “piano touch” for better insigne to cello or violin and/or special piano designated lessons for youngsters.

Piano Lessons in Toronto, North York, Thornhill